Show Ready

Entrepreneur Magazine notes that it takes less than 2/10ths of a second to form an opinion and your home is no different!

We all deserve top dollar for our homes.  And it may sound simple but making a good first impression should be among every sellers first orders of business.

Did you know that when selling your home there are a few simple steps to get your house looking great and selling for top dollar?  The old saying “less is more” certainly proves true.  I truly believe that one of the best investments an agent can make is to offer professional photography with every listing.  Most of today’s buyers are doing their own initial research online from the comfort of their own homes before even contacting an agent.  They have formed an opinion (for better or for worse) about your home within a few seconds, having never stepped foot on your property.  Why not wow them and make them want to see more. Print this simple checklist and take a minute to read this article and have the buyers lining up at your door step!


Check back tomorrow for some staging fun!


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