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I am so pleased to welcome to Fisher Family back to Suffield!

812 Halladay

May your new home hold endless family memories!


Time to tackle the garage!

As winter approaches, it is the perfect time to start thinking about cleaning out the garage to make room for your vehicles!

Check out this great resource for several great tips and ideas to get you started. Start the season feeling energized and organized!

I may have to consider a garden closet myself!

Fun Family Handyman Myth Busters

I have a confession. I subscribe to Family Handyman on my own name. Why? Because I love it just as much as my husband does! I get excited to receive a new issue in the mail and love their email blasts. This week they shared a great article that all should read.

From the best way to remove mold to the best way to trap a mouse, check out these common myth busters and learn something new!

Family Handyman Myth Buster

True budget kitchens

I recently moved myself and just before moving we completed the final projects on our wish list the largest undertaking being a kitchen makeover. We had lived in our ranch for 7 years. Our kitchen was original to our 40 year old house and somehow over the years we learned to overlook the gold grain countertops and backsplash and the dark wood cabinets, dated knobs and original light fixtures. When we started the project we weren’t certain whether we were going to stay put and move so I knew I wanted to keep my budget reasonable. We had replaced the floors with hardwood when we moved in but that was the nicest feature in our kitchen.
Here is the before:


And the after:
Kitchen 2[2]


I still can’t believe it took us 7 YEARS to complete the project only to move a few short months after. I will say that despite not being able to enjoy it long ourselves, it gave our house “wow factor” and I truly believe the kitchen was a large part of why it sold in ONE day!
Wondering what we did and what we spent? For less than $8,000 we modernized top to bottom. We were lucky to have solid, hardwood custom cabinet that were still in great condition. I put in countless hours sanding, priming and painting but we turned our once dark dated cabinets into light, bright white show pieces and for only a few hundred dollars. I think the biggest game changer was purchasing and installing inset cabinet hinges. I have been blessed with a handy husband who was behind much of the labor and calculations, the hinges being one of his projects. The hinges were less than $100 for the entire room and one of our best purchases. I found the best prices on knobs and drawer pulls on Ebay (less than half of the cost at Home Depot!) I searched high and low for just the right light fixture that was classic but affordable and fun and I will tell you, look no further than Home Depot and Lowes. They have a great selection, many can be shipped for free and their price’s can’t be beat! We splurged on granite countertops and marble tile for the backsplash from Home Depot and also purchased all new stainless steel appliances from Home Depot. The project took about 2 months from start to finish but we did all of the work (except the granite installation) ourselves and it was all very manageable (except maybe being sink and counter less with 3 young kids for 3 weeks while we waited for Home Depot to install the countertops!)

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed to receive an email from Zillow Digs with “budget kitchen ideas.” I opened the link and found some gorgeous kitchens. Our new house is due for some updates so I opened it and was blown away to find that $30,000 kitchens were considered “budget!” It’s fun to dream but that’s a bit out of my league!
Feel free to peruse the article here for some pricey but fun ideas:

Free Design Advice!

I am so excited to share something that I recently stumbled upon. Lowe’s Home Improvement store is now offering free design advice! Yes, free! You can create a profile online which will help classify your design style. From there you can ask questions of professionals (for free!), shop their products or create virtual rooms.  I warn you, it’s fun and addicting so pick a rainy night or an hour of free time and check it out.  You won’t be sorry!

Suffield Proud

Today I am so proud to be a part of a community that is active and encouraging.

McAlister Intermediate School in Suffield, CT hosted its first Bike/Walk to School Day to celebrate National Bike Safety Month.  The turn out was great and it made me beam to look up and see a local police officer high-fiving each participant as they passed by.  The fire trucks lined the streets and the police escorted walkers and bikers across the cross walks.  How special to see such a fun idea receive such amazing support!JUne 1-5, 2015 314